Permanent Philippine Traffic Schemes

Pasig City Odd Even Scheme


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: EVEN CANNOT USE
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: ODD CANNOT USE

1,3,5,7,9 Cars CAN USE on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
2,4,6,8,0 Cars CAN USE on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

San Guillermo Eastbound
Sandoval Ave North and Southbound
Elisco Road Westbound
R. Jabson Street Northbound
F. Legaspi Bridge Westbound

Julia Vargas 4 Carpool


Carpool Lane is only for cars with 4 or more people

Julia Vargas Westbound

Metro Manila Number Coding


Monday: 1,2 CANNOT USE
Tuesday: 3,4 CANNOT USE
Wednesday: 5,6 CANNOT USE
Thursday: 7,8 CANNOT USE
Friday: 9,0 CANNOT USE

Just don't use the car on those days...